Areas of Research

Current Projects

  1. Study of human lacrimal epithelial cell culture maintenance, requirements, EMT, genotyping and phenotyping.
  2. Development of renewable and long term cultures of human lacrimal epithelium and other tissues- using viral vector and other technologies
  3. Genotype/Phenotype associations of lacrimal and orbital tissues with disease states- using next generation sequencing
  4. Drug and diagnostic marker screening for lacrimal/ocular surface diseases in human in vitro and other models- using high throughput screening and high content analysis
  5. Directed differentiation of iPS cells into ocular surface fates
  6. 3-D and organotypic culture methods- using 3-D printing and other cutting edge techniques
  7. Peptide therapeutic development (design and application)

Types of Assays and Studies Used

  1. Cell and molecular biology techniques
  2. Next generation sequencing and biostatistics
  3. Organotypic culture
  4. Electron, light, confocal, time-lapse and fluorescence microscopy
  5. Animal models of lacrimal gland and ocular surface disease
  6. High throughput screening, high content analysis for therapeutic development
  7. Viral vector development and application
  8. Regenerative medicine and induced pluripotent stem cell assays and applications